Bye-Bye Hermione

Okay I know that I JUST posted an article about disney princess (in which I aggressively claimed I was an expert on all things tiaras and ball gowns) but even out of fear of repetitiveness, I couldn’t ignore the latest Beauty and the Beast photo teasers.

To be upfront, Belle was never my favorite. I think the lesson behind the story (ya know the whole loving inner beauty rather then physical appearance) was great and all, but something about Belle was too girly for me (if you read my last post, you’ll already know that Mulan is my kind of princess).

Despite Belle sitting toward the bottom of my favorite Disney princesses list, I absolutely cannot wait for the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out in 2017. First we got the initial teaser:

And I mean, of course I was excited but all we got was slow camera pans of the castle. I’m not complaining (the castle was stunning and sets the scene so well). Well, maybe I’m complaining…all I wanted was a little Emma Watson action! Is that too much to ask? That’s why her “Hello?” gave me serious chills.

But still, I wanted more.

And then it happened. Facebook blew up with pictures from the movie (and I’m talking about Emma Watson pictures, people!) Come on, look at her. She’s perfect.




I have a pretty good feeling donning the famous yellow gown is going to go a long way in transforming Emma’s reputation. If this film does as well as I hope it will, then it’s bye-bye Hermione, hey-there Belle, proving that this 26 year old Brit is more than a witch with a wand.

But for now, we  play the waiting game. Tick-tock, tick-tock. March 17th is right around the corner, right?