And We Will Be Singing

In the wake of the presidential election results (which as you can probably guess from reading the slew of politically driven poetry I post to my creative writing category I am less than in favor of), I’ve noticed a huge spike in hateful disputes taking place all around me.

Granted, most of these are on social media, the mecca of in the moment, heated comments that quickly become yesterday’s regrets and are more often than not, deleted before you can even manage to screenshot them to send to your group chat. But nonetheless, people everywhere are taking their disappointment, frustration, anger…whatever it is…out on others.

In times of despair, we need to remind ourselves of the support, love, and unity that our country embodies at the fundamental level. One person, one man, does not define a country. Each and every one of us does, and burning the flag, name calling, turning against each other is feeding into the hate that we’ve come to resent him for.

So be happy, be loving, be strong. Together.

With that, I’d like to share my music favorite of the week:


Not only is it make you want to take your hair down, grab your friends’ hands and twirl around the room upbeat and happy, but the lyrics encourage the spreading of love and of community. It’s exactly what we all should be doing.

“And we will be singing, girl put your love on me, ’cause I won’t let you down. I feel it all around.”

I’ve been a fan of Galantis for a while now. There’s something about their super catchy, super repetitive lyrics that just make me smile. They make me feel young, happy, bright, positive. They’ll be playing on repeat for the rest of the week without a doubt.